Hi, I'm Minkyeong Lee. I go by Leanne.

I remember riding the TTC subway in the 90s. There were no smart phones to keep me preoccupied while riding. I'd pick up a copy of NOW Magazine to read while passing the time during my trip. If the NOW Magazine newspaper box was empty, my attention would focus on the ads in the subway cars.

I spent A LOT of time looking at ads inside the subway cars... A LOT!!!

Looking back, I kind of wish I could skim through a catalogue of all the subway ads I used to look at. That would feel nostalgic and bring back memories. But I can't. I don't think anyone logged those ads.

Well. 20 years from now I'll probably want to remember what ads I was looking at 20 years prior. So I created this site... for me!

I'm taking pictures of Toronto subway ads and posting them here, so that I can look back in 20 years and feel nostalgic. Each picture will be dated so that I know when the ad was posted in the subway. Pictures starting from March, 2024.